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Our Services

Group Reformer

A full body group personalised training in all movements which leave you feeling good after and say goodbye to your problems. You’ll feel the differences in body alignment, posture, coordination by improving core strength, glutes, back, legs and arms.

Private 1:1 / Private Small Group

If you prefer the personal nature and maximum progression then our private sessions are tailored for you. Otherwise, a Duet or Small Group is the perfect option for friends who want to exercise together and are looking for more concentrated attention from the instructor.

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Event/ Workshops / Studio Rental

A unique space to cater your needs to have a perfect memory such as Team Building, Learning Workshop and more.
Fellow Instructors or Pilates Students can also enjoy our space with the finest Pilates equipment to advance your practices.

Class Type

So Fresh Reformer

Our So Fresh Reformer class is designed to focus on the fundamental movements on the reformer. This consists series of exercises that flow smoothly which focus on controlled movement, alignment and posture. It is designed to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination, in addition to promote a mind-body connection. This is perfect for beginner, anyone who feels like slowing down for the day and who want to learn and feel the burn at the same time.Feel fresh after you leave this class!

So Fine Reformer

Our So Fine Reformer class is designed for reformer enthusiasts who are comfortable with the fundamental movements and ready to challenge themselves. This class offers a series of intermediate exercises that will help you build strength and improve your overall fitness. It is suitable for those with knowledge of the reformer. To ensure that you are getting the full benefit this class, it's recommended that you have attended at least 5 So Fresh Reformer classes or have equivalent fitness experience. This will give you the skills and knowledge you need to effectively and safely enjoy this class. Expect the heart rate to spike, muscles to burn, get ready to sweat and have fun.

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